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About RabbitStats

What is RabbitStats?

RabbitStats is a service to allow property owners to collect usage information on the usage of their Second Life® virtual world property, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

RabbitStats generates graphs based on unique visitors, simulator frames per second and time dilation. Graphs are viewable on our website, and (if you have an unlimited data plan) on your mobile phone.

Who's behind RabbitStats?

We're Second Life world residents just like you! RabbitStats helps to fill a hole in the tools that Linden Lab provides land owners - a way to check and see when visitors are at your property and the ability to check on your property even when you're not in-world.

We love Second Life just as much as you do. We're estate managers ourselves, and use RabbitStats to monitor our own properties. RabbitStats was originally created as a tool for us to monitor our own sims, but decided that others may appreciate the information that RabbitStats provides for their own properties.

How does RabbitStats work? Does it cause a lot of lag?

The bulk of the work is done on our server, not in-world. If you sign up for an account you will receive a fairly simple script that you can put into an object of your choice in the area that you wish to monitor. This script is completely open source (under the GNU GPL v3 license) so that you are able to look and see what it's doing and that the impact is has on a sim is minimal.

Remember - we don't like lag any more than you do!

Why is the collector object open source? Aren't you worried someone might steal it?

It's open source so that you can examine it and ensure that it works the way it's suppose to work. As anyone that's run a mall in Second Life knows, even the smallest poorly-written script can bring a sim to its knees... it's our goal to make sure that the impact we have on a sim is as lightweight as possible. If you have an idea on how this could be improved - tell us! Odds are there's room for improvement!

Are we worried that someone might steal our code? Not really. Most of the work is done on the server, not in-world. If someone can take our scripts and do something better with them than we're able to do, then we welcome them to do so! (As long as they can abide by the GPL v3 license.)

You're more than welcome to take our scripts apart and see how they work. Learn from them; it's the open source way!

Is RabbitStats limited to estate owners?

No! Anyone is allowed to use our service to monitor their property, from vendor in a mall, to a small 512m2 plot and all the way up to a multi-sim estate.

We do ask, however, that you only place collectors on property that you own or have permission of the owner to monitor.

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