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RabbitStats uses a mix of free, open source and commercial software. Here are a few people and groups that we'd like to thank for their services and software:

We use the Resin Application Server to power our web sites and web services. Resin is a Java Web Application Server that is extremely powerful and extremely flexible.
  All of the charts on this website are generated by JFreeChart. JFreeChart is an open source Java library for creating charts in real time.
Our RabbitStats logo (the cool purple bunny) was created by the folks over at Turquoise Paw. We are extremely grateful for their support and encouragement during the development of RabbitStats.
  The icon set that is used extensively within RabbitStats was created by Mark James, on his website http://www.famfamfam.com. We are using the "Silk" icon set.
PostgreSQL is the database the powers the back end. No matter what data we seem to throw at PostgreSQL, it keeps chugging along and happily comes back for more.

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