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RabbitStats Pricing

New! We now have a basic account that's totally free! Our basic accounts are perfect for small to medium sized community groups, businesses, or even a single resident just wanting to keep track of their visitors and sim information.

Below is each of our account types and what they offer. It's our goal to have a plan that fits everyone!

Account Type Number of
Daily Reports Mobile Access Data Retention Ads Price
Basic Up to 3 Web
Yes 30 days Yes Free!
Premium Unlimited* Web
Yes 13 Months None! L$5 per
per day
Non-Profit /
Unlimited** Web
Yes 13 Months None! Free

If you are interested in a non-profit/educational account, please sign up for a basic account and then contact us to have your account switched to a different type.


* One credit is consumed per day per collector. Each credit is L$5. There isn't a limit on the number of collectors that may be placed.
** Rabbit Glen reserves the right to ask non-profit accounts to keep their collectors to a reasonable limit.

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